My Life Isn't Perfect...But Thank God My Baby Is, is the story of my life as a single pregnant mother who against all the odds decides to celebrate my unplanned pregnancy. I am proud of the fact that women and men from diverse backgrounds have all been reading and praising the book. I am also pleased that some mothers are even inspired to celebrate their own pregnancy's after reading about my experiences. I have received countless emails, phone calls and hugs from people who tell me how much they enjoyed reading the book.

It is my hope that women (including me) will begin to make active, healthy relationship choices by loving themselves unconditionally whether they are married or not. That when times get rough we will remember that "a happy mother raises a happy family and that "a baby is a blessing and not a burden."

The book touches on various issues such as self-love, self-worth, sexuality, sexual power, perception, hope, faith, fear, love, pregnancy prevention, pregnancy celebration and evolution. I am available for book signings, book club meetings, workshops and lectures about pregnancy prevention, pregnancy celebration and single motherhood, so email me with details at if you would like me to meet with your group or organization.

Thanks for visiting the site, purchasing the book and spreading the word. I truly appreciate your support and generosity. May you and your children be blessed.

Peace and Respect,

Mama Malonda
Malonda Richard