Karibu Presents "Write NOW" Inde Pen Series
Date: October 27, 2007 @ 2pm - 4pm
Where: Prince Georges Plaza - Maryland

Capitol Bookfest '07 - Strengthening Families Through Reading - Largo, Maryland
Date: October 6, 2007 @ 6:10pm
Panelist for the Cinderella Syndrome: Mothers on Raising Daughters
Area: Lifestyle Tent

Book Signing to Follow
Date: October 6, 2007
Where: Capitol Boulevard, Largo, Maryland

Book Signing Event - DC
Date: July 2, 2007
Where: Earth Things store

Book Reading and Book Signing
Date: June 14th, 2007
Tableaux Event
Where: Jelani Lounge - Brooklyn

Official Book Launch - New York
Date: June 7, 2007
Where: Jelani Lounge - Brooklyn

Babies, Bellies and Brunch Event: Baby Shower Shopping Party
Date: May 5, 2007
Featured Author
Where: Columbia Hilton Hotel - Columbia, Maryland

I had the pleasure of being invited to be one of the mom's on the "Moms Mean Business" Panel with Maria Bailey at the Annual Hewlett Packard Conference at the Ritz Carlton in New York and the event was inspirational to say the least. I am now an HP convert for many reasons including the fact that they are very interested in what moms want and need and that means alot to me. Plus, I absolutely love their HP Photo Smart machines which creates all types of products in an hour or less. I can't wait to find a machine in New York City.

Nancy (CEO of Wyatt MacKenzie Publishing) and Me at the "Moms Mean Business" Panel with Maria Bailey at the Annual HP Conference at the Ritz Carlton in New York.

My Life Isn't Perfect But Thank God My Baby Is debuted at the Book Expo in New York on May 31st and the event was phenemonenal! I had a chance to meet some of the authors from the Wymac Mom's Cooperative that I am a part of and I ran into friends that I have known for years.

Christine, Leeda, Nancy, Me, Marna and Jennifer.

Nancy, Me and Christine.

Sunday night was Mother's Day and Lisa Evers host of Street Soldiers discussed mother-child relationships with Dr. Charles Robins, Rosalind Richard, and Malonda Richard. Dr. Robins advised parents not to give into their childrens demands right away. He said once you do that you are basically creating a monster. Malonda said she doesn't see being without her mother Rosalind who has helped her throughout life and made her the person she is today. Rosalind mother of Malonda said she always gave it her all to make sure her daughter received the best possible up bringing.

By: Chris Alvarez of HOT 97

Pictures from the Hot 97 Radio interview on the Mother's Day Show - Sunday, May 13, 2007.