Malonda Richard's My Life Isn't Perfect...But Thank God My Baby Is: Journals, Letters, Photos and Poems
"Malonda Richard's honest and insightful look into her journey to motherhood is a revelation for all who read it -- man or woman! What Malonda shares with the reader will most likely strike a chord that will resonate for awhile after being read. A great book for expectant dads!" Malik Yoba, Actor

In My Life Isn't Perfect But Thank God My Baby Is Malonda Richard invites her audience to act as chief witness to every aspect of her unplanned pregnancy, from the everyday activities to her innermost thoughts. Determined to bring only her most positive, loving, and evolved energy to the spirit of her growing child, Malonda steps outside herself to tell her story as an honest observer, expressing honor in having been chosen to carry what she believes will be an extraordinary human being. Lifting her eyes to appreciate the simple blessings in her life, Malonda exhibits firm determination to triumph over potentially cataclysmic life changes. Malonda's resolve to see only the best for the sake of her child provides an inspiring example for her readers, proving that there is indeed both beauty and exultation in what many would perceive as imperfection.

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