• Seek advice and friendship from people that are Spiritual Millionaires, but always trust your own intuition. You will always be your best adviser.

  • Read inspirational books and listen to music that makes you dance like a happy child.

  • Meditate or just sit quietly every day for at least 15 fifteen minutes in order to calm your spirit and center your heart.

  • Recognize the beauty, love and strength that lives within you and your baby.

  • Get addicted to peace and happiness, because the high that you'll get will take you to special places.

  • God chooses special women to be Single Mothers. You are one of those special women, so do something special for yourself, your children and the world.

  • Say affirmations every day because they really do work. Make an affirmation every day and eventually it will come true.

  • Journaling is a great way to heal and learn. It's also a great gift for your children so write as much as possible.

  • Each one of us has the opportunity to leave our children a legacy. Take time to think about what your legacy is and write out a list of goals in order to make it happen.

  • Pray to the ancestors and ask them to protect and guide you. They've been here and done that, so who better to ask than them.
  • You're beautiful, so take lots of pictures while you are pregnant. Hire a professional photographer if you can afford to, and let your inner model mama shine through.

  • Always remember that a baby is a blessing and not a burden. Don't forget to bless yourself and your baby.

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