"Malonda Richard's honest and insightful look into her journey to motherhood is a revelation for all who read it -- man or woman! What Malonda shares with the reader will most likely strike a chord that will resonate for awhile after being read. A great book for expectant dads!"
Malik Yoba, Actor and Author of "Please Return My Phone Call: Preventing The Demise Of Personal And Professional Relationships"

"While she will attest that her life may not be perfect, Malonda Richard has indeed delivered a perfectly poignant piece of writing with her book and we thank God for it, for her and her courage to share her life with the world through her words. My Life Isn't Perfect... reveals the heart and soul of a beautiful Black woman, a single mom on a mission of life learning and loving. This book should be required reading for every adolescent girl in America growing into womanhood."
Shawn Dove, Publisher of "Proud Poppa"

"A wonderfully honest, loving account of a single woman's journey to motherhood. For anyone who truly wants to understand the joys and concerns, loves and fears, poignancy and practicality, of one of the many paths to single motherhood, this is a terrific new voice to listen to."
Mikki Morrissette, Author of "Choosing Single Motherhood"

"With candor, keen wit and penetrating emotional honesty, Malonda's book takes you through her personal joys and challenges as a single mom. Whether you are a Single mother by choice, by chance or somewhere in between, you'll come away from this book feeling reaffirmed, but more importantly knowing that you have a voice that matters. Combining personal journals and heartfelt poetry, Malonda's overriding message is that self-love is the key to becoming a loving, healthy and balanced mother and that your child will bless you in more ways than you can ever imagine. Read it and you'll be encouraged."
Cassandra Mack, MSW, Author of "The Single Mom's Little Book of Wisdom"

"My Life Isn't Perfect... is an alchemic work of spirit, strength, and the profundity of an expectant mother's love. The audience is honored to witness how Malonda nourishes her unborn daughter's soul with a deep sense of connection with The Creator, defining and embracing her role as the steward of a blessed and powerful being. Every mother, single or otherwise, will learn from the author's ability to look past the challenges of her daily life in order to offer her daughter a legacy worthy of her perfection."
Mari Gallion, Author of "The Single Woman's Guide to a Happy Pregnancy"

"What an eye-opener! Malonda Richard has clearly depicted the oscillating emotions of a single mother with child in a way that makes this literary work a must read for women and men a like. More men must be made aware of the single mother struggle if a change in their thinking is to ever take place."
Cederick W. Tardy II, Author of "The Connection Series"

"Life is perfect as imperfect as it may feel. "Right and perfect" happens to be my favorite mantra. What an easy read. This book helps you know that you don't stand-alone in this universe! Malonda hits the nail on the head. Life is beautiful and it's your decision to choose otherwise. Perfection at it's best!"
Liza Elliott-Ramirez, President/Founder of Expecting Models Inc.

"Honest, moving and utterly captivating, Malonda's book on her journey as a single mother is just about perfect!"
Betty Londergan, Author of "I'm Too Sexy for my Volvo"

"What an honor to be invited into the world of Malonda Richard, in which her tell-it-like-it-is narrative of motherhood and relationships will have you riveted. This book will inspire every single mother to hold her head high, no matter how intense life gets."
Rachel Sarah, Author of "Single Mom Seeking: Play Dates, Blind Dates, and Other Dispatches from the Dating World"

"This book captures the essence of a woman embracing motherhood regardless of status. It is likely that any mother will relate to Malonda's words. Thank-you Malonda for airing ‘your dirty laundry' so that others may realize that it is not actually soiled."
Randi J. Anderson, Founding Executive Director of www.single2mother.org

"My Life Isn't Perfect... is reminiscent of the literary classics in African American literature. In this debut memoir, Malonda Richard has taken an otherwise sensitive subject and described the beauty that lies deep within the tangled web of varied emotions. This is a must read for everyone."
Michelle D. Parrish, Founder of www.thickart.com

"From the small screen to the big screen of life, we see Malonda Richard blossom through this intimate conversation about motherhood. It's like dishing with your sistah friend about the joys and challenges of growing, birthing and raising the next generation of God's gift to the world." Wilma Ann Anderson, Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of MahoganyBaby.com

"My Life Isn't Perfect... offers a powerful look at the emerging life of a child and her single mother. Refreshingly honest and eloquently written, Malonda Richard's debut release makes you shout for more. Strap yourself in for the ride of your life. This woman has talent!"
Christine Louise Hohlbaum, Author of "Diary of a Mother: Parenting Stories And Other Stuff"

"From conception to delivery My Life Isn't Perfect is an honest portrait of a woman learning to be a mother, a vivid and poignant testimony to single parenting in our times." Kenji Jasper, Author of "The House on Childress Street"

"My Life Isn't Perfect is an inspiration and tribute to all single mothers. Malonda weaves poignant, inspirational, passionate, humorous and informative real life experiences into a delightful and enlightening compilation of poems and authentic journal entries. The book is a must read for single parents of all ages, but particularly single mothers. Warning: Don't be surprised if you can't put My Life Isn't Perfect down. I couldn't. So plan to read it in its entirety."
Ife Keene, Author of "Cancer of the Spirit"